"Hello, I am Mr. Dyer, founder of Dyercentral" - Mr. Dyer
Ask Mr. Dyer #5 is the fifth and final episode of Ask Mr. Dyer. It is also the beginning of an april fools prank known as Puppy Hour

Summary Edit

In this final episode, Mr. Dyer answers all the questions that he has left unanswered. At the end, he accepts that his time is up and he can no longer continue the show. However, he is not going down alone. Succumbing to his anger, he officially dissolves every other show on Dyercentral and begins a new one, Puppy Hour, one that will cater to the internets love of cute and fuzzy things.

Questions Edit

  1. Mr. Dyer, can you be a superhero?
  2. Mr. Dyer, can you cut off someone's hand by throwing an envelope at their wrist?
  3. Mr. Dyer, is Lady Gaga an alien?
  4. Mr. Dyer, why do lawyer's hate minigolfing to the extreme?
  5. Mr. Dyer, whatever happened to Back to the Scooter?
  6. Mr. Dyer, can you prove with actual video evidence that you can dance the tango with an elephant, while simultaneously singing "Adelaide's Lament" from Guys and Dolls with a banana peel in your mouth?

Major Events Edit

  • Mr. Dyer shuts down Dyercentral and establishes Puppy Hour

Character Edit

Trivia Edit

  • Shortly after this video was uploaded, Dyercentral was renamed Puppy Hour, and every other video on the channel was set to private mode so it appeared as if they were deleted.
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