The Beggar is a con artist who starred in the Dyercentral Christmas Special sketch "A Kawecki Christmas Carol".

Overview Edit

Appearance Edit

The beggar is a skinny man with short brown hair. He wears a brown jacket, white shirt, a white fedora, and a white fedora. When disguised as one of the Christmas Ghosts, he wears a white sheet.

Personality Edit

As a con artist, the beggar is shrewd and unwavering, refusing to ever admit defeat no matter how much his mark rejects his advances. He is also apparently very successful with this, since he owns a three story house.

Biography Edit

At some point the Beggar purchased a three story house in Kawecki's neighbourhood, then spent some time waiting by a tree to sell overpriced nutmeg. When Kawecki happens by, he attempts to sell him nutmeg at ten pounds a pinch, claiming to be a starving man on the streets. Kawecki knows better and refuses the offer, so the Beggar tells him that he will be visited by three ghosts to teach him the folly of his ways. Later that night, the Beggar breaks into Kawecki's house and wakes him up with claims of being the Ghost of Christmas Past. Promising to magically take him back into the past to explain why he no longer likes christmas, he shows him a photo album with a picture of Kawecki eating a Subway Sandwich with mayonnaise. When Kawecki asks what he means by that, the man responds "Always get the honey mustard". Kawecki then grabs his sword and yells at the man to get out of his house.

Latter that night, the Beggar breaks in again, this time claiming to be the Ghost of Christmas Present. He claims that he will take Kawecki to see how he has ruined people's lives with his greed. He takes him to a families house and states that since Kawecki doesn't pay the father enough, the family can only afford to eat every day or so. Kawecki points out that he has never seen this family before and that they appear to be eating steak. They are then chased off when the family spots them. Later still, he breaks in again with the sheet, although this time Kawecki is waiting for him and fully aware of what the Beggar is about to do. He then attacks the Beggar in a rage.

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