"No! What kind of a place you think this is? A doctor's office?!" - Hmpthateikaloutenheimenstekn Dyer, in response to whether he should wash his hands.
Brain Surgery is a sketch comedy video set in the Dyercentral universe. It concerns the exploits of H. Dyer, who is a Brain Surgeon.

Summary Edit

Hmpthateikaloutenheimenstekn Dyer introduces the show along with his "stupid assistant". After several unorthodox techniques, usually revolving around H. Dyer beating his assistant, the two manage to get the man's brain exposed to complete the surgery. The surgeon hires a zombie to clean up the excess brain matter, then everyone dances the macarena.

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Trivia Edit

  • This is the debut of both the Brain Surgeon and Socko.
  • This marks the one and only time that Socko was voiced by Dylan Leedy.
  • The surgery is clearly the same set used originally for Ask Mr. Dyer
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