"Hello, I am Mr. Dyer. Founder of...(Cut off)" - Mr. Dyer, being interrupted by a news bulletin.
Breaking News is a sketch comedy video set in the Dyercentral universe. It introduced several long running Dyercentral characters such as Hengry Hippiee and Jon Gibbord.

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Mr. Dyer is starting a video when he is suddenly interrupted by a breaking news bulletin. Jon Gibbord of channel 62 news is reporting on a giant monster that is destroying New York City. He calls up Sheriff Lyoid, who is in the middle of hunting the monster. The call is interrupted when the sheriff sees the monster and opens fire. While waiting to resume communications, Gibbord interviews the person who first saw the monster, a transient called Hengry Hippiee. Gibbord fins out that what Hengry actually saw was the movie Godzilla, which he had mistaken for real in his intoxicated state. Just then, the sheriff resumes his call, claiming to have successfully killed the monster. When GIbbord informs him of the hoax, the sheriff breaks off communications again. When he returns, he is wearing a crude disguise and claiming his name is Deputy Notalyoid. The "deputy" claims that the sheriff had accidentally attacked and destroyed the empire state building, and he is now fleeing from the law. The crisis averted, Gibbord resumes the normal broadcast, and the video ends on the last few seconds of Mr. Dyer's show.

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  • This is the debut of Hengry Hippiee, Jon Gibbord, Sheriff Lyoid, and Tony Ball
  • This sketch is famous for the large amount of bad spelling in people's names. "Sheriff" is spelled "Sherrif", "Lloyd" is spelled "Lyoid", and Henry "Hippy" is spelled "Hengry Hippiee"
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