"Today we are going to be looking at the 427th best movie about giant crocodiles eating stuff, Blood Surf!" - Chadwick Jones
Chadwick Jones Presents: Blood Surf is the forth episode of Chadwick Jones Presents and the forth episode of Season 1.

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Once again Chadwick Jones turns his critical eye on to an unsuspecting b-movie classic. This time it is the crocodile film Blood Surf. After the review is over, The Meddler drops by with orders for the next movie. Chadwick initially refuses, so The Meddler does a seductive dance until he gives in. It is at this point that The Meddler admits that Chadwick has already viewed all the movies on his dvd pack, and thus he flees for now, vowing to come back next week with something fresh.

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  • This episode currently has the most views of all the Season 1 episodes on YouTube
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