"I am The Meddler. I meddle with time and movie reviewers" - The Meddler, to Chadwick Jones
Chadwick Jones Presents: Crocodile is the 3rd episode of Chadwick Jones Presents and the 3rd episode of Season 1.

Summary Edit

The episode opens where the previous one left off, Chadwick Jones having just revealed the stranger as a bizzare, high-pitched man. The stranger reveals himself to be The Meddler, a time traveler who hopes to get his revenge on Chadwick for unknown reasons. He states that he plans to force Chadwick to watch increasingly worse movies until the quality becomes so low that Chadwick will end his own life. To make sure he complies, The Meddler threatens to use his time machine to erase the existence of Robocop. After Chadwick finally gives in, The Meddler assigns him the movie for the week, Crocodile.

After he finishes commenting on the film, The Meddler assigns the next movie.

Major Events Edit

  • The Meddler delivers his ultimatum to Chadwick Jones

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

Supporting Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • The first episode to feature a full opening sequence.
  • This is the first appearance of Sheriff Lyoid in Chadwick Jones Presents.
  • This is technically the first Chadwick Jones Presents appearances of Old-Man Dyer, Hengry Hippiee, and Dyer, although they are only in the opening sequence. They don't make a full appearance until the season finale
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