"Oh my god...Who is this guy?!" - Chadwick Jones, referring to Glenn Dyer
Chadwick Jones Presents: El Muerto is the sixth episode of Chadwick Jones Presents and the sixth episode of Season 1.

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Chadwick Jones is about to start the video off normally before he notices that he is in a totally different place from before. The Meddler then arrives in his time machine and informs Chadwick that he went back in time and rearranged the design of the house. When Chadwick asks him why, The Meddler looks confused and flees.

After Chadwick finishes reviewing the movie El Muerto, he discovers that The Meddler has left him another film by the name of Bleeding Rose. Noticing the first letter, Chadwick goes to his laptop and rewatches a video where Glenn Dyer postulates that the final, worst movie, begins with a 'B'.

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  • There was a six month long break between this episode and the last one due to Glenn Dyer moving houses
  • Rob Bergman is thanked in the credits despite not being involved in the episode
  • Glenn Dyer himself is referenced for the first time in this episode
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