"Did...did that guy just kill someone with a karate chop to the face?" - Chadwick Jones
Chadwick Jones Presents: Firestarter is the eleventh episode of Chadwick Jones Presents and the third episode of Season 2.

Summary Edit

Today's review is of the Stephen King movie Firestarter. Chadwick Jones finds this rather unusual since he considers the movie to be rather good. He is assisted in this review by Dyer, who shows up seeking a Stallone movie. When he leaves, it suddenly dawns on Chadwick that the door is unlocked and he tries to escape, only to be foiled by Don Maccaroni. At the end of the episode Chadwick enquiries as to why this movie was picked, to which Don presented him with the sequel. Don also explains that Chadwick was being held by the Panther Corporation and he was being prevented from fully developing.

Major Events Edit

  • Chadwick attempts to escape for the first time

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Trivia Edit

  • Glenn Dyer's cat Tasha is seen in the background for part of the video.