"I think I'll watch that new show I've been hearing so much about [Starts watching Three's Company]" - Chadwick Jones
Chadwick Jones Presents: Octopus 2 is the second episode of Chadwick Jones Presents and the second episode of season 1.

Summary Edit

As in the previous episode, Chadwick goes through the movie Octopus 2, making snide remarks about the quality of the effects, actors, and story. This time he also gets assistance from The Brain Surgeon, who states that he will help out with science-related trivia. At the end of the movie, Chadwick once again decides to quit reviewing movies and is once again interrupted by the strange man in a weird mask. This time, Chadwick is much less receptive to the stranger's demands and throws Coatmon at him, who destroys the man's mask, unveiling him as a very high-pitched person.

Major Events Edit

  • Brain Surgeon has his name legally changed from Hmpthateikaloutenheimenstekn Dyer
  • Chadwick and Coatmon attack The Meddler

Characters Edit

Main Characters Edit

Supporting Characters Edit

Trivia Edit

  • This is the first appearance of The Brain Surgeon in Chadwick Jones Presents
  • The Meddler shows his face for the first time in this episode
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