"What's the matter Jones? Are you chicken? Neigh, neigh, neigh!" - Mist Meddler
Chadwick Jones Presents: Snowbeast is the twentieth episode of Chadwick Jones Presents and the twelfth episode of Season 2. It was a part of an April Fools collaboration with MistCLaneous wherein each person portrayed the other's characters and made a review in their style. The Dyercentral version of this is Mist ~ Thunderpants.

Summary Edit

The review starts off with Mist Chadwick Jones beginning his review of The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure. Suddenly, he is interrupted by Mist Meddler, who gives him a different movie to review, Snowbeast. To make sure Panther doesn't interrupt them, Mist Meddler causes the fleet to continuously move in circles until the review is finished. He also does several other annoying things, such as replacing ski props with back scratchers and tying Mist Chadwick's wellbeing to the state of Jurassic Park. During the review we find out that Mist Don Maccaroni is stressed out over the behavior of his girlfriend Ann Marie. In fact, at the end of the review he gets so stressed that just hearing the name Ann Marie causes him to go on a killing spree shooting a multitude of people, including himself. Mist Meddler then bursts in to gloat. Chadwick responds by picking up Mist Don's gun and threatening him with it. Mist Meddler then initiates the plan he had for just such an occasion, stabbing himself before Mist Chadwick gets the chance to kill him. It is at that point that Barney the Dinosaur arrives to take his revenge on Mist Chadwick, having just conquered Jurassic Park. When Mist Chadwick points out that the non-canon nature of the universe means anything he does won't have a lasting effect, Barney points out that that still means he can have his fun. Barney then subjects him to a myriad of tortures over five months, as recounted by Mist Jon Gibbord.

Major Events Edit

  • Mist Marvin Jones is delayed from invading New Zealand
  • Mist Don Maccaroni, Mist Brain Surgeon, Mist Mr. Dyer, Mist Tony Ball, Mist English Gentleman #1, Mist Ugor, Mist Stu-El, and Mist Meddler are killed
  • Mist Chadwick Jones is viciously mutilated by Barney the Dinosaur

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Trivia Edit

  • This episode is considered non-canon for a variety of reasons
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