"That's it you bastard! Nobody messes with Creature and gets away with it!" - Chadwick Jones to the annoying narrator
Chadwick Jones Presents: Tarzan 3D is the fifteenth episode of Chadwick Jones Presents and the seventh episode of Season 2.

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Before Chadwick Jones manages to begin his review of Tarzan 3D he is interrupted by an annoying person who is narrating his every move. The narrator claims that this helps the audience understand what's going on, a point that Chadwick disagrees with. During the review the man annoys Chadwick so severely that Chadwick becomes enraged and sparks fly out of his head. At the very end of the movie the man starts narrating classics like Robocop and the Godfather. When he starts narrating over Creature Chadwick becomes so mad that his head emits a large electrical discharge and he attacks the narrator, beating him into a bloody pulp with his bare hands. When Chadwick removes the man's face covering, he is shocked to find that it is none other than Don Maccaroni. Don scans chadwick with a device and finds that Chadwick's control chip has been damaged, but not destroyed by what just happened. Chadwick immediately forgets what Don says when he mentions the chip, so he doesn't explain what it is. Because of this failure, Don is forced to begin the Dragon Ball Initiative. Chadwick will now have to review every single episode and movie in the Dragon Ball series.

Major Events Edit

  • Chadwick Jones' control chip is damaged
  • Chadwick severely beats Don Maccaroni
  • Don Maccaroni begins the Dragon Ball Initiative

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