"Help me" - Chadwick Jones, opening line
Chadwick Jones Presents: The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure is the twenty-first episode of Chadwick Jones Presents and the thirteenth episode of Season 2.

Summary Edit

Chadwick Jones takes a break from the lookback to review The Oogieloves in the Big Balloon Adventure. At the end of the maddening affair we see Barney the Dinosaur in his evil fortress, plotting once again to take over Chadwick Jones Presents. The Oogieloves was really a method for planting the seed of Chadwick's destruction, and Barney swears that he and Chadwick will meet very soon

That is until Glenn Dyer himself shows up with a notepad, explaining that there is no room for a new villain until Season 6 due to the Panther crisis. When Barney resists his commands, Glenn pushes him back to Season 8 then transforms him into a pickle. Glenn promises to change him back when it's comedically effective.

Major Events Edit

  • Barney the Dinosaur plants the seed of Chadwick's destruction
  • Barney is transformed into a pickle

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