"Even God thought that was a bad pun" - Chadwick Jones
Chadwick Jones Presents: The Point is the fourteenth episode of Chadwick Jones Presents and the sixth episode of Season 2.

Summary Edit

Chadwick Jones opens the unmarked VHS box and discovers it is a film called The Point. When Chadwick expresses confusion about it, Old-Man Dyer appears and tells him all about the movie's premise and history. Since the movie is a musical and Chadwick is not a music critic, OMD decides to stick around and talk about the individual songs. Partway through, Chadwick and OMD get into a heated argument about the merits of bickering in film. The chatter causes a myriad of other characters to arrive and join in, including Don Maccaroni and Sheriff Lyoid. Don eventually gets frustrated and threatens to shoot anyone who keeps talking. Everyone takes the hint except for the Sheriff, who is promptly shot and killed. At the end of the review Don asks Chadwick if he still wants to leave and Chadwick says he does but seems less insistent on it. To help seal the deal, Don hints at the next movie by pounding on his chest and yelling like Tarzan.

Major Events Edit

  • Sheriff Lyoid dies after getting shot by Don Maccaroni

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Trivia Edit

  • This is the first Chadwick Jones Presents appearance of Meridale
  • It is implied in a few sections of this review that Old-Man Dyer is Chadwick's father
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