Count Scary is a real estate agent and main antagonist of The Haunting...Sort of.

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Count Scary is a short, skinny man with pasty white skin and short brown hair. He constantly has a malevolent grin on his face and he wears a black cloak.

Personality Edit

Much like a classic horror villian, Count Scary keeps and air of mystery and danger around him at all times. To add meaning to his words he carries around a tape recorder with the sounds of thunder on it. His personality puts guests in his home on edge, so they do not suspect his true intentions of selling the house.

Biography Edit

One dark and stormy night, a hapless couple called Max Tracy and Ditsy Blonde crash their car and end up wandering over the the house of Count Scary. He greets the couple and explains that they were expected, then asks his assistant Ugor to take them to their room. Soon, Max figures out that this is all a ruse to sell the house, and Count Scary reveals his power by forcing them to stay until they make a down payment.

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Chadwick Jones Presents: Barney's Great Adventure Edit

A stock video of Count Scary being blown up was shown at the end of the Barney review.

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