"Don, what have I told you? We don't break the forth wall on this show, it's become too commonplace in today's media. Isn't that right audience member?" - Chadwick Jones
The Dragon Ball Lookback: Episode 1 (The Goku Arc) is the seventeenth episode of Chadwick Jones Presents, the ninth episode of Season 2, and the first episode of the Dragon Ball Lookback. This edition covers the first 28 episodes of the Dragon Ball anime, colloquially referred to as The Goku Arc.

Summary Edit

Chadwick Jones begins the lookback by summarising and quipping about the assigned section of the day. At the end of the episode, Panther finally locates Chadwick's energy signature. Marvin Jones, the Sargent Major of this unit, orders that a fleet be sent out to meet him, stating that it is time for a "family reunion".

Major Events Edit

  • Chadwick Jones begins the Dragon Ball Lookback
  • Marvin Jones locates Chadwick's energy signature and mobilises a fleet to capture him

Characters Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • This is the only Dragon Ball Lookback episode under thirty minutes long
  • This episode is the debut of Marvin Jones