"Man, last week's episode was REALLY long. Luckily, I'm not covering twice as many episodes like last time. I'm covering three times as many episodes! And there's less filler." - Chadwick Jones
The Dragon Ball Lookback: Episode 3 (The King Piccolo Arc) is the nineteenth episode of Chadwick Jones Presents, the eleventh episode of Season 2, and the third episode of the Dragon Ball Lookback. This edition covers episodes 84-153 of the Dragon Ball anime, colloquially referred to as The King Piccolo Arc.

Summary Edit

Once again, Chadwick Jones summarizes his assigned episodes. Afterwards, Chadwick overhears a conversation between Don Maccaroni and a PRU soldier. The airstrike ordered by Marvin Jones has wiped out the PRU HQ, leaving Don as the sole leader of the organisation. Chadwick interrupts them to find out what's going on. Since he was able to ask that question without any problems, Don realises his control chip is damaged just enough to give him some basic information about Panther. He finishes the explanation by stating that the only hope they have is for Chadwick to finish the lookback.

Major Events Edit

  • The PRU HQ is destroyed, leaving no survivors
  • Don Maccaroni becomes the sole commander of the PRU

Characters Edit

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Trivia Edit

  • This episode was used to hit the Dyercentral YouTube channel with a copyright strike back in early 2015. The video has since been edited and reuploaded. The original version is still available on Vimeo.
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