"Can bubblegum really be frightening? Let's find out" - Chadwick Jones
The Dragon Ball Lookback: Episode 6 (The Buu Arc) is the twenty-fourth episode of Chadwick Jones Presents, the sixteenth episode of Season 2, and the sixth episode of the Dragon Ball Lookback. This edition covers episodes 195-291 of Dragon Ball Z, colloquially referred to as The Buu Arc.

Summary Edit

At the very beginning of the episode, Chadwick Jones attempts to use instant transmission but discovers he cannot. As the lookback goes on as usual, Chadwick suddenly starts expelling electricity and screaming in agony. When he wakes up in bed later on Don Maccaroni tells him that it was a "memory feedback loop". Apparently, the imagery he saw damaged his control chip in some way, causing a flood of memories to hit him at once. He would have died if the flow hadn't subsided at the last minute. The the end of the episode Marvin Jones and the Panther troop are suddenly confronted by an ambush from the New Zealand Police. Marvin was confused about this, since the stuffites were supposed to suppress something like this, until he notices that one of the police officers is using an outdated cell phone. When questioned about this, the officer explains that the cell phone is a recent technological advancement in New Zealand. Marvin quickly deduces that this means New Zealand is so primitive that it has had no exposure to the stuffites. He orders his men to execute all hostiles on sight, starting a brief shootout between the two groups. Panther wins, but suffers a few casualties. Marvin orders them to pick up the pace.

Major Events Edit

  • Chadwick suffers from a memory feedback loop, almost killing him
  • Marvin and the Panther Soldiers are discovered and have a shootout with the New Zealand Police

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Trivia Edit

  • This is the longest scripted Dyercentral video. It was also the longest video on the channel until it was surpassed by the Beauty and the Beast review, by exactly 27 seconds.
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