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"This is...Dyercentral!" - Chadwick Jones
Dyercentral is the evil-fighting organization created by Chadwick Jones. It is currently building a fortress in the Mojave desert.

Biography Edit

Dyercentral was established in January of 2016, when Chadwick Jones, the Brain Surgeon, and Don Maccaroni landed the TMTTTTADISANTAS in the Mojave desert. Stranded in the inhospitable wasteland with the now unflyable ship, Don and the Surgeon began debating who they will deal with Panther. Don wanted to utilize the ship's functioning matter synthesizers to build weapons to take on Panther directly with a revived PRU, and Surgeon believed Panther is too powerful for such a tactic and they should instead use the ship to shelter as many people as possible.  At the height of the argument, Chadwick silences both of them by dramatically relocating his arm with a rock. He points out to Don that he is the only remaining member of the PRU and there is no way he is going to succeed with no real plan, he also tells the Brain Surgeon that his method is cowardly and not a real solution for the upcoming times. Chadwick then decides to form a new team in the desert, one that is dedicated to fighting the forces of evil wherever the appear, Dyercentral. Don is assigned with getting new members, and Brain Surgeon with researching Panther to see what they're up against.

Members Edit

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