Dyercentral's Fifth Anniversary is a special celebrating five years since the creation of Dyercentral. It tells the history of the fictional Dyercentral universe from the perspective of Mr. Dyer and Chadwick Jones Presents.

Summary Edit

To celebrate the fifth anniversary of Dyercentral, a narrator goes into detail about the never before seen history of the true Dyercentral. It goes over the rise and fall of Mr. Dyer, the sparsity of Dyercentral Sketches, and the establishment of Chadwick Jones Presents and A Dyer-Situation. At the end, it is revealed that the narrator is really Mr. Dyer himself, who is being tortured in hell.

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Trivia Edit

  • Although he is putting on a voice for the narration, it is still possible to figure out the identity of the narrator based on his inflection on certain words, such as "subscribers" (Sub-scribe-baas) and "Dyercentral" (Dya-centrol)