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"Hello, my name is Mr. Dyer. I am the CEO of Dyercentral. That is the channel that you are watching right now." - Mr. Dyer
Dyercentral is the very first video ever uploaded to the Dyercentral YouTube Channel. It is an update video made to explain the lack of content on the channel during its first few months, as well as establish some new series.

Summary Edit

Mr. Dyer, the CEO of Dyercentral, explains that upcoming Dyercentral programs such as The Extreme Series and Back to the Scooter are experiencing delays. He cites "technical difficulties with the cast" as the reason. To alleviate the lack of content, he announces a new series, Ask Mr. Dyer, wherein he answers questions left in the comments section. He finishes by demanding comments, then singing a rendition of "Poker Face" by Lady Gaga.

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  • This video is the debut of Mr. Dyer. This is technically the debut of Dyer and Kawecki, but they do not have speaking roles until Extreme Chess.
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