"I'm a vegetarian!" - Dyer
Extreme Barbecuing is the fourth episode of The Extreme Series.

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Still celebrating Dyer's transformation into a banana cream pie, Kawecki is dancing down the street. Suddenly, he spots Dyer walking on the other side of the road, causing him to fly into a blind rage and attack. However, he fails miserably in the attempt. Instead, before Dyer can argue, Kawecki challenges him to extreme barbecuing. Dyer tries to get a word in during the walk over to the fighting stage, the appointment of a judge, and the commentary of an official announcer, but every keeps talking over him. Eventually, Dyer bursts with the confession that he is a vegetarian. Luckily, the judge decides to substitute the meat used in the competition with salad. During the competition, it is found that they are using someone else's barbecue, meaning they are both disqualified. The judge decides to instead give the award to a rock. That rock immediately becomes so popular that it is elected president of The United States of America.

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  • A shot of Dyer was lost due to a recording error, so it was replaced with a picture of a moose
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