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Glenn James Dyer (Born 9 April 1995, Age 21) is most well known as the creator, writer, director, and lead actor of almost every single video on Dyercentral, which was named after him.

Biography Edit

Early Life Edit

Glenn Dyer was raised by his Mother, Sharon Sjeie, in Orange, California, along with his older sister, Emma Dyer. From a very young age he was exposed to an incredibly large DVD/VHS collection which his family had been compiling for many years. The influence from these movies are what inspired him to pursue a career of filmmaking in the future. As a child, he created several elaborate and fantastical stories revolving around some of his toys, most notably a collection of Bionicles and two boxes of K'Nex. Some of these stories were realized in crude stop-motion films and elaborate photographs.

Pre Dyercentral Edit

In mid-2009, Glenn began living with his Aunt and Uncle whist attending High School. It was there that he met Alex Kawecki, Rob Bergman, and Dylan Leedy, the three main contributors of many early sketches and occasional guest reviewers on A Dyer-Situation.

In August of 2010, whilst staying at the home of his cousin, Scott Tweed, Glenn teamed up to create the YouTube channel g5366s2c88 (GlennScott with all but the capitalized letters translated into their keypad numbers with the 'o' mistyped as 'c'). The videos posted were crude and somewhat offensive, but the joy of filmmaking was once again reawakened within Glenn Dyer.

Dyercentral Edit

Glenn Dyer would continue making videos for g5366s2c88 off and on for several years, but he completely released control of the channel to Scott Tweed after coming up with a new channel, Dyercentral. The idea was to create a channel that was 100% Glenn Dyer content, something which he could put a lot of effort into without necessarily needing anyone else.

Today, Glenn updates the channel with at least two new videos every week, mostly his vlog-style series A Dyer-Situation or more episodes of Chadwick Jones Presents, which he has often thought of as his favorite content on the channel.

Today Edit

As of right now, Glenn is attending college courses at Mt. Hood Community College in Gresham, Oregon. He hopes to hone his skills at filmmaking in order to improve his work and possibly make some money as a legitimate filmmaker.

Dyercentral Filmography Edit

Every single video uploaded to Dyercentral has Glenn Dyer involved in some major way. Aside from the sketches Out of Milk and The Dare, Glenn has also been an on screen presence in every video.

Chadwick Jones Presents Edit

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Sketches Edit

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Dyer-Situations Edit

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