Louie is one of the stars of Out of Milk.

Overview Edit

Appearance Edit

Louie is a well-built man of average height, with short brown hair. He wears a green shirt.

Personality Edit

Louie is a smiling and pleasant person who enjoys making his friends happy. However, his calm demeanor can quickly turn to panic and shouting in the face of a minor crisis.

Biography Edit

On a beautiful morning, a young fellow named Johnny sits down to enjoy a bowl of generic cereal. He asks Louie to get some milk from the fridge, to which he gladly abides. However, Louie is horrified to discover that they are out of milk. Panicked, Johnny begins to suggest absurd thinks like eating cereal with water. They both eventually calm down and decide to enjoy a pb&j instead, until they find out they are also out of peanut butter.

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