Mist ~ Barney's Great Adventure is the sixteenth episode of MistCLaneous. It was made as part of a competition with Chadwick Jones Presents, wherein both shows would make a review of the movie and whoever got the most views would win. This episode won with over twice as many views.

Summary Edit

As the first episode of season 3, the episode starts off with a Mysterious Gentleman walking down the street. It then cuts to Mist C. Laneous, who is ecstatic about finally being back in action after such a long time. After catching up with the other characters in The Mist, he starts the season off with another halloween review, Barney's Great Adventure. After going through the movie in his normal way, the review ends without incident.

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  • Astonishingly, the two reviews are almost the same length , with the Chadwick Jones episode being only one minute and sixteen seconds longer.
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