"You two are going to do...a crossover review!" - The Meddler
Mist ~ Guys And Dolls is the tenth episode of MistCLaneous. It is a crossover episode with Chadwick Jones Presents.

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Mist gets ready to start a new review when he suddenly interrupted by the Brain Surgeon, who has hacked the video feed. We then see that this is all a plot by The Meddler to take revenge on Mist for allegedly stealing Chadwick Jones' idea. In order to rectify this, The Meddler orders that they have a crossover review. Mist initially wants to review The Room, but Chadwick is insistent that they review Guys and Dolls. Meanwhile, The Meddler is going with Emperor Plagiarism to play bowling.

At the end of the review, Chadwick agrees that the debt has been settled and ends his connection. Then the Emperor returns and tells Mist that he won the game 300-0. It is heavily implied that he had used his force powers to cheat.

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