Mr. Dyer's Executor is the executor of Mr Dyer's last will and testament.

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The Executor is a large, pudgy man with brown blonde hair that's parted down the middle. He wears a white dress shirt and and unkempt black tie.

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He is known for his extremely dry and dull demeanor. He approaches everything with a sense of extreme apathy and always seems disinterested in whatever he's doing. Despite this, he does his job well, following Mr. Dyer's last will and testament to the letter.

Biography Edit

At some point he was appointed the executor of Mr. Dyer's written and video wills. Following the will exactly, he summons Dyer, Old-Man Dyer, and Hengry Hippiee to the reading exactly one year, four months, and fifteen days after Mr. Dyer's death. The will states that the lengthy time in between these events is because of his resentment towards his recipients. The executor then plays the video will. In the will, Mr. Dyer first bestows ownership of Dyercentral to all of its employees, a fact that makes the group somewhat uncomfortable with themselves. Next, he reveals that at a certain point in time he founded a small oil refinery. Profits from that refinery allowed him to amass a fortune of over $1,400,000,000,000,000, represented in an impressive amount of precious metals and jewels. However, as his final revenge, he reveals that the money was hidden in New Zealand, meaning that they have no chance of ever finding it and claiming their inheritance. He then starts chanting "You don't get any money" and shaking his rear at the camera, which the executor states goes on for another 28 minutes.

Other Appearances Edit

Chadwick Jones Presents: Barney's Great Adventure Edit

Mist Mr. Dyer's Executor

Mist Mr. Dyer's Executor

A non-canon version of the executor was featured in the Barney review, where he was shot to death by Meridale.

Chadwick Jones Presents: Snowbeast Edit

A Mist version of the executor had a minor role in the Snowbeast review. He first announced the death of Mist Hengry Hippiee, who died of a drug overdose. Then he announced the death of Mist Dyer, who died in an extreme needlepoint match, which he clearly lost. When Mist Chadwick Jones asks if he can watch the match, Mist Executor states that the video was blocked for using the song "Hooray for Santa Claus".

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