Mr. Dyer's House was the home and workspace of Mr. Dyer, along with several Dyercentral employees. Since Mr. Dyer's death it has likely become the property of Dyercentral.

Layout and architecture Edit

The house has the appearance of a typical suburban home, with a living room, kitchen, bedroom, and backyard. Sketches and shows associated with Dyercentral were filmed wherever it is convenient.

History Edit

Mr. Dyer likely decided to use his own home as the main filming location in order to save money. Some people were given their own place to live rent-free, although Mr. Dyer loathed this arrangement. After Mr. Dyer was killed in the Puppy Hour Revolution, the house likely fell into the ownership of Dyercentral, although this cannot be confirmed as the house has not been seen since this incident

Known Residents Edit

Trivia Edit

  • At times, the line has been blurred between what constitutes Mr. Dyer's house and what is the Panther Compound that Chadwick Jones was held in. During the Puppy Hour revolution Mr. Dyer' office is clearly the exact same room that Chadwick Jones was held in.
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