Mr. Rancher is a Dyercentral cast member.

Overview Edit

Appearance Edit

Mr. Rancher is a tall, portly man with long, brown-blonde hair. He wears blue jeans, a belt, a black an white long-sleeved shirt tucked into his pants, and a black cowboy hat.

Personality Edit

He speaks in a high pitched, stereotypical texan accent.

Biography Edit

Mr. Rancher's only canon appearance was at the end of Puppy Hour Episode 2, where he appeared alongside several other characters proclaiming his ownership over Dyercentral.

Other Appearances Edit

Chadwick Jones Presents: Barney's Great Adventure Edit

A non-canon version of Mr. Rancher appeared in the Barney review, where he was shot to death by Meridale.

Mist Mr. Rancher

Mist Mr. Rancher

Chadwick Jones Presents: Snowbeast Edit

A Mist version of Mr. Rancher appeared in the Snowbeast review. When Mist Chadwick Jones became extremely frustrated over an abandoned barn, a very wobbly Mist Mr. Rancher stepped in to explain that the barn was owned by his grandfather, and he has since left it abandoned because he did not want to pay the absurdly low rent. When Mist Chadwick asks why he is wobbling, Mist Mr. Rancher explains that his father is Cary Elwes, an allusion to the Oogieloves movie.

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