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Flag of New Zealand

New Zealand is a small island island nation is the South Pacific inhabited almost entirely by Sock Puppets. Due to its isolated status, the country is decades behind the modern world in technological and cultural advances.

Overview Edit

Most of the world assumes that New Zealand is a normal place, but in actuality it has several bizzare features that can create severe culture shock for newcomers. Sheep are crowded around everywhere, the hipster movement is out of control, and films can take years to finally be released there. However, the most bizzare aspect is that that almost all the inhabitants of New Zealand are sock puppets. Most people from around the world are not aware of this is they have never been there or met anyone from there.

The New Zealand Police provide law enforcement and are occasionally called on to defend the country from small armies. The New Zealand Air Force provided aviation defence until its destruction in 2014

History Edit

Sometime after the late 1990's New Zealand became home to an outpost of the Panther Resistance Unit, an international organisation dedicated to stopping the Panther Corporation. Due to the country's technological incapabilities, the outpost proved very difficult to track and remained hidden for years. However, this changed when the PRU happened upon Chadwick Jones and came up with a plan to help him destroy his mind control chip, which in turn allowed Panther to track them down and prepare to Invade the country. Panther was expecting to pacify the New Zealand citizenry using a piece of technology called the stuffites, which have been in circulation around the world for decades. However, New Zealand is so far behind the rest of the world that stuffites do not exist there, so the police and eventually the air force were mobilized to stop them. Their efforts managed to slow the Panther army down, but they were ultimately unable to halt the advance. After Panther later retreated back to the sea it is unknown what steps the government of New Zealand did in response to the previous events.

Notable Locations Edit

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