"This story is so old that it can only be told in sepia tone" - Old-Man Dyer
Old-Man Dyer's Tale of Love is a sketch comedy video set in the Dyercentral universe. It is about Old-Man Dyer telling the story of his first love.

Summary Edit

On valentines day, Old-Man Dyer decides to tell his son about his very first love. The story is shown as a silent film and depicts a youthful OMD (here called Young-Man Dyer) checking his mailbox and finding a love letter from a secret admirer. Deciding to seek out this person, the young man goes to the address in the letter and finds that it's his own house. He concludes that this is obvious, for what person could love him more than he loves himself? After the story is over, we see that the person OMD was talking to is not his real son, and is in fact a confused stranger.

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Trivia Edit

  • Despite saying that the story must be in sepia tone, the footage is not sepia, just black and white.
  • The young version of Old-Man Dyer had his own unique death in the Barney review
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