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Ordinary Man is a kryptonian superhero who has become disillusioned with hero work.

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Ordinary Man is a tall, portly man with long, brown-blonde hair. He wears jeans and a black shirt with the letters O.M written on it with blue tape.

Personality Edit

As a dissatisfied superhero, Ordinary Man has become stoic and apathetic. He tends to sit around all day watching old videotapes of himself doing interviews, likely trying to recapture the image he once had. However, when a mildly annoying threat fell upon his neighborhood he made the decision to step up, showing that on a certain level he still cares.

Biography Edit

As a baby, Ordinary Man was sent on a rocket ship to Earth when his father, Stu-El, thought that the planet Krypton was going to be destroyed. After he landed he was raised by a eccentric couple and eventually became a superhero. Known for exploits such as saving the Titanic 2, Ordinary rose to a moderate level of fame. However, thirty years after he landed he had fallen out of the limelight. He refused to wear anything but his trademark costume, he was appearing on cheap talk shows as a has-been celebrity, and he spent most of his time sitting in an easy chair watching television. This all changed when his neighborhood was suddenly visited by a kryptonian boy band called Zod and the Generals. Although all they ever did was dance down the street, Ordinary Man's Adoptive Mother overreacted to their exploits and convinced her son to go out and stop them. Deciding to accept his destiny, Ordinary Man triumphantly approached the band. However, before he can reach them the band is annihilated by the army, so he shrugs and goes home.

Other Appearances Edit

Chadwick Jones Presents: Barney's Great Adventure Edit

Ordinary Man has a non-canon appearance in the Barney review. He attempted to stop Merdiale's murder spree by commanding him to stop, but Meridale just shoots him, a move Ordinary Man is annoyed by.

Mist Ordinary Man

Mist Ordinary Man

Chadwick Jones Presents: Snowbeast Edit

A Mist version of Ordinary Man appeared in the Snowbeast review. He was involved in a running joke where he would rush in to save the characters in the movie, but was always too late to do anything. Eventually he got so upset about this that he took off his shirt and quit the superhero business entirely.

Trivia Edit

  • Ordinary Man is an obvious parody of Superman
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