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"Well what do I do? It's not like I have superpowers or someth...oh wait I do have superpowers. I forgot about that." - Ordinary Man
Ordinary Man is a sketch comedy video set in the Dyercentral universe. It chronicles the story of Ordinary Man, an alien superhero who has retired from crime fighting.

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On the planet Krypton, a tired and distraught man named Stu-El is preparing to send his son to Earth at 4am to escape the planet's destruction. His wife comes in and tells him that the weather report was incorrect, but she is too late and the baby is launched into space. Thirty years later, Ordinary Man is laying back in an easy chair watching on old interview of himself. In the interview, it is revealed that Ordinary Man was a popular superhero for many years, but his fame has dwindled as his powers became a novelty. Meanwhile, another ship crashes onto the Earth, this time carrying an alien boy band called Zod and the Generals. The band proceeds to dance down the street, distressing Ordinary Man's Adoptive Mother. Pressured by his mother's wild ravings, Ordinary Man decides to come out of retirement and deal with the menace. He approaches the trio determinedly, but is suddenly cut off when the military ruthlessly guns down the boy band. Ordinary Man then shrugs his shoulders and goes home.

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  • This sketch was the result of a school project. The assignment was to create a parody of a popular film.
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