The PRU New Zealand Headquarters is the Panther Resistance Unit outpost of New Zealand. It suffered massive damage during the Panther Invasion of New Zealand, and was subsequently left abandoned.

Layout and Known Rooms Edit

Like may locations in the Dyercentral universe, the PRU NZ HQ looks very similar to a suburban neighborhood. It is a sprawling area with several hideouts and ambush locations.

Chadwick's Room Edit

Chadwick's Room is the room where Chadwick Jones was confined to during his stay at the compound. It's filled with several shelves filled with VHS tapes and dvds, which is why it is occasionally referred to as the "movie room". The room also contains magazines, video games, a bed, and several Doctor Who posters. The door of the room is metallic and able to withstand low-level kai blasts.

Chadwick's Room

Chadwick's Room

Bomb Shelter Edit

The Bomb Shelter is a reinforced area in the compound designed to protect the occupants from explosives and artillery. It contains several shelves filled with bits of technology and clutter objects, as well as a couch.

Civilian Barracks Edit

The Civilian Barracks is the area where non-military personnel, such as Dyer, Hengry Hippiee, and OMD are given a place to stay. It contains multiple rooms and furnishings, including bedrooms and kitchens.

Control Room Edit

The Control Room is where Don Maccaroni and other PRU personel monitor local activities and recieve communications from other PRU outposts.

History Edit

The headquarters were built by the Panther Resistance Unit to aid in the fight against the Panther Corporation. Judging from the largely Sock Puppet staff, it is safe to assume that the PRU recruited members from the local area, a task that would have been easier without the interference of the stuffites. The base suffered heavy damage during the Panther Invasion of New Zealand, where it was the target of an attempt by Panther to retrieve Chadwick Jones by any means necessary. At the end of the battle, every PRU member except for Don Maccaroni was dead. Don, along with Chadwick Jones, escaped to the Mojave desert in the near future thanks to the Brain Surgeon, and a few remaining civilians were captured by Panther. The base ended up completely abandoned.

Known Residents Edit

  • Don Maccaroni (Commander of the base, later leader of the PRU)
  • Chadwick Jones (Imprisoned in order to have him aid against Panther)
  • Old-Man Dyer (Stayed after arriving with Chadwick Jones)
  • Dyer (Stayed after arriving with Chadwick Jones)
  • Hengry Hippiee (Stayed after arriving with Chadwick Jones)
  • Sargent Bixby (Commander of the PRU soldiers until his death)
  • Collection Agents (Brought Chadwick Jones to the base. Both are likely dead)
  • Doctor (Treated Chadwick after a memory feedback loop)
  • Messenger (Informed Don Maccaroni of any critical information)
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