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President Rock is a solid aggregate of minerals currently serving as the 45th President of the United States of America. As well as being the first inanimate object to serve in public office, he is the winner of the 1st annual Extreme Barbecuing competition. Rock's achievements as president are phenomenal and many citizens consider it a honor merely to bask in his presence.

Overview Edit

Appearance Edit

In his first appearance, President Rock appeared to be an igneous rock approximately 1/2 cubic feet in volume. He is primarily grey with spots of dark grey on his surface. In a later appearance he was a slightly lighter grey, had a more rounded shape, and wore white pants. The physical changes between appearances might be the result of political pressure eroding his surface.

Personality Edit

President Rock has never been shown to be able to move or think. The comedy surrounding his character is the result of everyone holding him to a high regard and deeming him responsible for extraordinary things that no rock could possibly do.

Biography Edit

Rock 2

Newspaper from the day Rock was sworn in.

1st Annual Extreme Barbecuing Competition Edit

Rock first rose to fame during the Extreme Barbecuing competition. The competitors, Dyer and Kawecki, were both disqualified due to the unauthorised use of someone's barbeque. Because of this, the Referee determines that the true winner is actually Rock. The competitors were overjoyed that Rock had won, the announcer was brought to tears, and several nearby bystanders joined in a conga line chanting "We Will Rock You". Afterwords, a reporter inquired about whether or not he was running for President, which prompted him to successfully run a campaign and get sworn in as the 45th President of the USA. After the video, Mr. Dyer confesses that he hates Rock.

Fixing The Economy and Helping The World Edit

Rock 3

Rock resting on Mr. Dyer's Treasure.

At the end of The Hunt For Mr. Dyer's Treasure, where Old-Man Dyer, Dyer, and Hengry Hippiee were looking for the $1.4 quadrillion that Mr. Dyer had hoarded, President Rock arrived to settle the dispute of who should get the money. Though he never actually says anything, the others are brought to tears by his words. They all decided that he can do a lot of good with the money and agree that he should take it. Later on, we see that this money was used for several noble purposes, including ending world hunger, abolishing poverty, and cloning Bruce Lee.

Other Appearances Edit

Rock 4

The Mist version of President Rock.

Chadwick Jones Presents: Snowbeast Edit

A Mist version of the President was seen in the Snowbeast review. The review was interrupted for a message from him that detailed his re-election plans. The broadcast lasted approximately 15 seconds and featured him sitting on the floor, saying nothing. Later on in the review, Mist Jon Gibbert decided to pass on talking about Rock's re-election in order to go on a date with Mist Meridale.

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