Sargent Bixby was the commander of the PRU New Zealand armed forces. He was a pivotal combatant in the Panther Invasion of New Zealand, where he eventually died defending Chadwick Jones from the advancement of Panther.

Overview Edit

Appearance Edit

Bixby was a black Sock Puppet. He had unusually long strands of tape holding on his eyes and he wore a paper hat that denoted his rank in the resistance.

Personality Edit

By the time of the invasion, Bixby had built up a reputation of reliability among the resistance, represented by Don Maccaroni's confidence that he could hold off the Panther forces. When in battle, he was extremely focused and confident, making sure to strike at the very moment the enemy let their guard down. Even when it became clear that he was on a suicide mission, he refused to give up and continued to take out as many Panther soldiers as he could. Even at the very end, when the Panther Resistance Unit was crushed and Marvin Jones stood above him with a gun pointed at his face, Bixby ended up laughing in the face of death, demonstrating his unbreakable determination.

Biography Edit

Just before Marvin Jones and the Panther forces arrive at the PRU base, Sargent Bixby is charged with the mission to hold them off until Chadwick Jones transforms into a Super Saiyan. On the battlefield, Sgt Bixby organises an ambush. Waiting until the very moment the Panther soldiers guard is down, he sends a sudden rush of hundreds of PRU soldiers and thins their numbers significantly. Over the course of the battle Bixby uses many different techniques and manages to hold them off for over an hour, but since Panther has superior equipment and personnel, the PRU is eventually defeated. A mortally wounded Bixby is the only one who survives, and Marvin Jones takes the time to personally execute him. With his last breath, Bixby laughs in his face, and is then shot by Marvin.

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