The Squatters are two thieves who starred in the sketch Stolen Car.

Overview Edit

Appearance Edit

The first squatter is a tall, portly man with short, brown-blonde hair and a short goatee. He wears blue pants, a grey shirt, and a black jacket.

The second is a short, skinny man with short brown hair. He wears blue jeans, a red shirt, and a grey jacket.

Personality Edit

The two are extremely confident squatters, taking the time to sit down and watch sitcoms when inside of someones house. When confronted, they are quick to run away, stealing as many things as they can. However, thy still have some level of integrity, as the second squatter informed the House Thief about the stolen car.

Biography Edit

The squatters are sitting down watching television when they hear the sound of a car leaving the driveway. They run to the window just in time to see the car being stolen. Suddenly, the home owner comes up behind them and chases them out of the house.

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