Steven is an emotionally disturbed individual with a strange desire to have his thumb smashed with a hammer.

Overview Edit

Appearance Edit

Steven is a tall, slender man with medium length brown hair. He wears a grey shirt.

Personality Edit

Steven is a psychotic individual with the insatiable desire to have his thumb hit with a hammer. In a crisis, he is prone to panic at first, but will quickly begin to deal with the situation by any means necessary.

Biography Edit

In a dark and dismal room, Steven and his friend, John, are engaged in a strange ritual. Steven, is presenting his thumb to John, who is going to hit it with a hammer. John gets ready to swing, lifts his arm swiftly, and his are detaches itself from his shoulder. After a moment, John starts screaming in pain and expelling an absurd amount of blood. Steven desperately searches for the arm, getting soaked in blood. When he finds it, he uses the hammer to pound a nail into the arm and seal it up with glue. The crisis temporarily averted, Steven once again presents his thumb. John slowly picks up the hammer again and gets ready to strike.

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