"I just don't understand this. How am I supposed to de-liver these things? They don't seem to have internal organs of any kind!" - Brain Surgeon, regarding the delivery of invitations.
The Dyercentral Christmas Special: REMADE, REIMAGINED, AND REALLY GOOD is the second in a series of three christmas specials set in the Dyercentral universe. It concerns Mr. Dyer, who attempts to throw a christmas party.

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Mr. Dyer wakes up to find that it is christmas day today. This means that it is time for his christmas party. However, he waits for several hours and nobody shows up. Disappointed, he decides to watch some christmas specials on television. The specials start out pleasant enough, with things like The Terminator Christmas Special, It's a Wonderful Life Socko, and a sampling from Old-Man Dyer's new christmas album. However, they eventually lead into Henry Hipiee's Christmas Vacation, a special that has almost nothing to do with christmas whatsoever. This enrages Mr. Dyer so much that he destroys christmas with an atomic bomb.

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