"Seriously, does it ever snow during Christmas anywhere in the world? Damn global warming..." - Narrator
The Dyercentral Christmas Special (Special Edition) is the third in a series of three christmas specials in the Dyercentral universe. It concerns Chadwick Jones, who begins his Christmas celebrations but soon learns that not everything is as it seems.

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Chadwick Jones wakes up bright and early on Christmas morning and gleefully sits down to watch some christmas specials on television. All seems well until Chadwick notices that something is very wrong. The Terminator Christmas Special is different from what it once was, Don Maccaroni is starring in an "It's a Wonderful Life" parody, and most concerning of all, Chadwick has not watched television in years. When he rushes out of the house to investigate, he finds that the outside world has become a nightmarish, christmas-themed wasteland. At that moment, a malevolent spirit taking the appearance of Don Maccaroni appears to inform Chadwick of his predicament. Every year a sacrifice is offered to the God of YouTube. The first was the group of friends, the next was Mr. Dyer, and this year Chadwick is the one who will die to appease this god. In desperation, Chadwick holes up in the computer room and decides to delete the other two specials, thus nullifying the Christmas tradition. However, he changes his mind after remembering how Mr. Dyer was willing to destroy Dyercentral for his own gain. The phantoms finally figure out how to reach him so he hides in the closet to come up with a new plan. When the phantom of Don Maccaroni opens the closet, he and the other phantoms are shocked to find Chadwick crudely dressed as a jewish man. The universe begins to crumble as YouTube commenters ruthlessly pan the video for being racist, destroying the phantoms and freeing Chadwick. Chadwick then wakes up in his bed, where he resolves to celebrate christmas in his own personal way. However, at that moment, Don Maccaroni bursts in and announces a budding romance with someone called Ann Marie. In fact, everyone seems to be involved in a badly written romantic comedy anthology film. Chadwick rushes outside and is horrified to find the landscape a valentines day-themed wasteland.

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