"Oh Ditsy, I'm afraid that I, Max Tracy, have a dark a mysterious past" - Max Tracy, right before shoving his hand into Ditsy's face.
The Haunting...Sort of is a sketch comedy video set in the Dyercentral universe. The video won second place at the California State Thespian Festival for short film.

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Max Tracy and Ditsy Blonde, two naive socialites, are on a relaxing drive through the countryside when they suddenly end up in a car accident. Trapped in the middle of nowhere, the couple happen upon a mysterious cottage. When they knock on the door, it opens by itself and closes behind them. Inside, they are greeted by a bizarre figure called Count Scary. The count explains that they were expected, and asks his assistant Ugor to take them to their room. In the room, Max ponders the abnormalities of the house and eventually comes to the horrifying conclusion. Count Scary is trying to sell them the house. They desperately try to escape, but are forced to stay until they make a down payment.

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