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"I own Dyercentral!" - various
Dyercentral is a video production company founded by Mr. Dyer. It is referred to on this wiki as "The Original Dyercentral" to distinguish it from Dyercentral, the group created by Chadwick Jones. The status of the company is currently unknown.

Biography Edit

Dyercentral was founded in 2010 by Mr. Dyer, a business tycoon looking for a quick and easy source of fame to complement his wealth. He established several projects including the Extreme Series and Back to the Scooter, as well as his own show Ask Mr. Dyer. Several original sketches and characters began being introduced to the company, greatly expanding its size and influence. However, while the rest of Dyercentral continued to grow, Mr. Dyer's show slowed to a halt due to a lack of interest. The final episode of Ask Mr. Dyer debuted in 2013, and concluded with his announcement that Dyercentral will be shut down and replaced with Puppy Hour, a show designed to make money in the most cynical way possible. During the second episode of the new show Dyer confronted Mr. Dyer demanding that Dyercentral be reinstated. Mr. Dyer struck him down with invisible lightning. Suddenly, Dyer was joined by Chadwick Jones, the Brain Surgeon, and The Meddler, who all teamed up (more or less) to finally defeat Mr. Dyer. After Mr. Dyer was vaporized in the skirmish, control of Dyercentral went to Dyer, who relinquished it to Chadwick Jones, who declared that this power was not meant for one man, and Dyercentral should instead be owned by all of the Dyercentral cast members.

Afterwards, Dyercentral was not outwardly mentioned again until Chadwick Jones established the world protection group Dyercentral, which was named as such to dishonor the memory of Mr. Dyer. It's unknown if the company was still linked to Chadwick Jones Presents after Chadwick was transported to New Zealand.

Known Members Edit

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