The Three Dipsh*ts was a team formed to hunt down the treasure of Mr. Dyer.

Biography Edit

In August of 2014, Mr. Dyer's will was read to a group of his beneficiaries: Dyer, Old-Man Dyer, and Hengry Hippiee. In it, Mr. Dyer reveals that he had amassed a fortune of 1.4 quadrillion dollars, and that he had hidden this fortune in New Zealand, where nobody can find it. Since they happen do be in New Zealand, the group decide to form a team called the Three Dipsh*ts and split up to find the treasure. Dyer is sent to look for the place where Mr. Dyer stayed, Hengry looks for local merchants, and OMD goes to the bank. Dyer finds the hotel, but the manager says nothing was left by him, and OMD doesn't find anything. When they check in on Hengry, they find that he has spent the time experimenting with psychoactive drugs. To stay their anger, Hengry offers them the money he received by hiding narcotics. When OMD thinks of a place to put his new cash, he suddenly figures out where his son must have hidden the treasure. The entire haul was placed under the mattress of the bed it Mr. Dyer's hotel room. At he sight of this astonishing amount of wealth, the Three Dipsh*ts immediately turn to squabbling among themselves for a complete share of the loot.

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