Tom is an interviewer most well known for interviewing the has-been superhero Ordinary Man.

Overview Edit

Appearance Edit

Tom is a skinny man with short brown hair. He wears a white shirt and a black blazer.

Personality Edit

Tom tends to be very professional during his interviews, although he did not hesitate after the main portion of his inquiry with Ordinary Man to point out his fowl odor.

Biography Edit

Tom interviewed the dissatisfied superhero Ordinary Man. In the interview, he found out that Ordinary Man's popularity has been on the decline for many years, and he comments that it's "very depressing" that he is unable to get superhero work. Afterwards, he points out that Ordinary Man has a foul odor to him, which is the result of wearing the same outfit for a long time.

Other Appearances Edit

Chadwick Jones Presents: Barney's Great Adventure Edit

A stock video of Tom being blown up was shown in the Barney review.

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