Tony Ball is a minor character from the sketch Breaking News. He is one of the founding members of Chadwick Jones presents.

Overview Edit

Appearance Edit

Tony Ball is a tall, pudgy man with long, blond-brown hair. He wears a blue shirt with a baseball on it.

Personality Edit

He is obsessed with sports.

Biography Edit

Breaking News Edit

During the Breaking News sketch,Tony Ball was working as a sports reporter for Channel 62 News. Jon Gibbord cut to him after he lost connection with Sheriff Lyoid. Tony talked about a shuffleboard game between the Lakers and the Yankees before cutting back to Jon.

Chadwick Jones Presents Edit

Tony Ball, along with Brain Surgeon, Socko, and Old-Man Dyer, helped to come up with the idea for Chadwick Jones Presents. He died shortly thereafter of explosive prostate cancer.

Other Appearances Edit

Chadwick Jones Presents: Barney's Great Adventure Edit

In the Barney's Great Adventure review, a stock image of Tony Ball from Breaking News was blown up.

Chadwick Jones Presents: Snowbeast Edit

A Mist version of Tony briefly appeared in the Snowbeast review. He expressed joy at making it into the video before he was shot dead by Mist Don Maccaroni.

Trivia Edit

Glenn Dyer has stated that the character was a great disappointment to him. He sees him as a ripoff of Nineties Kid from Atop The Fourth Wall and said that he didn't follow the original idea he had in mind.

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